FREE Recycled Denim Tutorial- The “All-Leg” Denim Apron!

The “All-Leg” Denim Apron

(name such because all you need is one leg and a pocket!)

A while back I posted a tutorial for an apron made by “A Girl and a Glue Gun”.  The apron was made from the leg of an old pair of denim jeans.  Super cute!

I decided to give it a try with some modifications (translation: I just made it up as I went along!).

Here’s what I came up with and thank you Kimbo for the inspiration!

IMG_5596 words


First, I cut off one leg from an adult pair of jeans just under the back pocket.  These were men’s jeans and also happened to have a fairly significant stretch to them but the stretchiness wasn’t a big deal!

I’m not sure if you can tell, but I did NOT cut the jeans open along a seam.  You want both seams to be in the front of the apron so I cut the jean open along the BACK of the leg.


Next, I folded the jeans in half-Rights Sides together.  In order to cut out the arm holes, I cut out a rectangle approximately 1/4-1/3 the length of the leg.

NOTE: I am cutting from the bottom of the leg (you can see the hemmed edge facing you in the photo).


You should have something that looks like this when you open the leg and lay it flat.  The hemmed edge will be the bib of the apron.


Next, I cut 3″ wide strips of fabric to go around the edges.  


Next I sewed my strips end to end.  How many strips do you need?  It will very with the size of your jeans.  I would run a measuring tape around all sides of your apron PLUS add enough to create a loop for hanging the apron around your neck and then enough to tie around your waist.  

I used a total of 150″ or 4 strips of fabric from selvage to selvage.  (When I was making it I didn’t know how many I would need so you see in the picture I have more than four).

After sewing the strips end to end, press the strip in half, then press each side in half again.  Basically, you’re pressing it into quarters.



Now we’ll move onto the pockets.  Using a seam ripper, remove one of the pockets from the jeans. 


We want to bind just the top edge of the pocket before we attach it to the apron.  Start by cutting a piece of binding about 2″ long than the top edge.

Open the binding and line up one side with the top edge of the pocket.  Sew along the the first pressed line. 

IMG_5575 2

Fold the binding over along the pressed edges and pin in place.  Tuck the ends under the binding to finish the edges.  I used my machine to sew in place (although you could sew by hand).



Pin the pocket onto the apron (I just auditioned various locations until I found one I liked).  Sew around all edges to secure (except the top so you have someplace to put your hand).  :)


From the binding strip, cut off two more pieces long enough to cover the LOWER sides of the apron (*see photo) below.

Sew binding to apron RIGHT sides together just like you did for the pocket. Pin and sew along the first fold.  Fold over the raw edge and sew the binding in place. 

Trim the edges even with the sides of the apron. Yes, you will have raw edges on the ends. Make sure you do this for both sides.


Although it’s a little hard to see here, the binding is sewn to the apron RIGHT sides together.




Next, you’re ready to add the binding to the BOTTOM edge of the apron.  Attach it exactly the same as you did for the sides.  However, this time we want to finish the edges so cut this piece approximately 1″ longer on each side. 

Tuck it under like you see in the picture and sew in place.


Next attach the binding to the very top edge of the apron.  Leave the edges unfinished, you’ll finish them off with the last piece of binding.


With the remaining length of binding, finish off the two unbound sides.  I just took this last piece and folded it in half to find the middle.  Then I used the middle point as the top of the neck loop.  Stretch each end down the sides and pin in place.  





To finish, just sew this last length of binding in one long continuous strip.  You’re just bringing the folded sides together; sewing down one side, continuing around the neck loop and down the other side.

That’s it!  Nice job!


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  1. This is awesome. Thank you. Beautiful job.

  2. Really beautiful!!!

  3. Dianna F says:

    Great project!!! Thanks for all the details and the images for visual assistance. Now I have to get busy!!

  4. I love this apron. I think I will make one for myself.

  5. I loved the apron – used up my most of my denim! I keep some on hand for last minute gifts.

  6. Glad I found your pattern! I love it. I have all these jeans I bought at garage sales to make purses with but they are too hard to make because my machine keeps breaking a needle trying to sew them. I need aprons for my girlfriends and me that paint. We go thru a lot of aprons!! lol

  7. love this

  8. I just love this,thank ypu so much for sharing,I just my hands on about 30 pairs of jeans

  9. This such a great Idea!
    Wish I had discovered this long time ago,
    Great for gifts, LOVE IT!

  10. beautiful job with the denim and binding.

  11. Bonnie Swift says:

    This is a beautiful little apron. You are so talented. How long is the loop that goes around your neck?

  12. Thanks so much for posting this detailed tutorial! The end result is so cute!!

  13. Carol Highbaugh says:

    Great job thanks very good idea for friends and family.

  14. Love this apron! Very good instructions. Thanks for the great idea.

  15. Hermoso. Gracias por compartir, tan buena idea.

  16. Sandra Klouda says:

    love this apron pattern made from recycled jeans. thanks for sharing. I want to make some for sure. Sandy

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