Day 18- American Made Brand Blog Tour

Hello and welcome to Day 18 of the American Made Blog Tour! I am representing the state of Nevada!

Below I’ve outlined a few of the more interesting facts about our state! To keep things interesting, I’ve gone with what I consider are the more FUN tidbits about our state! This is NOT your usual state tour!


Nevada became a state on October 31st, 1864. That’s right, we joined the union on Halloween! As you might imagine this makes for a fun mix of festivities each year. The state legislature actually designated October 31 as “Nevada Day” as well as a state holiday.  This means Halloween is an official holiday in the state of Nevada!!

This is Nevada’s Governor’s mansion on Halloween!


Area 51 and Extraterrestrials!

We’re also famous for our secret government base where aliens are sequestered away in underground barracks (that’s right, I’ve seen Independence Day)! State Route 375 is the Extraterrestrial Highway! If you are interested, you can stop in Rachel, NV at the Little A’Le’Inn for an Alien Burger!



A large population of ocean based dinosaurs used to live here. Ichthyosaurs were ancient marine reptiles that swam in a warm ocean covering central Nevada 225 million years ago. This is what they looked like…pretty scary-eh?

You can go check out their skeletons but they’re located in a fairly isolated area of Nevada. They’re pretty cool though and well worth the trip!

Little A’Le’Inn

Berlin Ichthy 600x320 Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park


Virginia City, NV is one of America’s most haunted towns! Home to the world’s largest silver deposit (the Comstock Lode), Virginia City was a mining boomtown in the 1800’s. The buildings remain and are a constant source of TV shows and ghost hunters looking to commune with the dead.

Among other mysteries here, there exists the mystery of the glowing headstone at the Silver Terrace Cemetery. Many people have seen it glowing in the moonlight but try, as they might, they are unable to determine just whose headstone it is and why it occasionally glows.

Nevada is a wonderful place to live and although I had access to countless sources of inspiration, I ultimately decided to use the desert and Old West as inspiration for my license plate!

Here it is!Lic Plate 1

I’ve highlighted the railroad and a skeleton on a desert background. Nevada surely epitomizes the old west and I was looking for themed ideas that would represent this.

Lic Plate 3

I also cut my letters out of old denim jeans. Not only does that go along with the theme of my company, (Inventive Denim) but Jacob Davis, a tailor from Reno, NV invented the idea for rivets to strengthen jeans and worked with Levi Strauss to incorporate them into his pants! Making the letters out of denim seemed very appropriate for Nevada!

Lic Plate 4

To download a copy of the free pattern, Click HERE: Lic Plate Tutorial- NV

 Win, Win, Win!!

WINNER WINNER Chicken Dinner!!! The contest is over!! Thank you SO much for the comments! I loved reading each and every one!!

The two lucky winners are…

1. Kathy Howard- wins the Fat Quarter pack from Clothwords!

2. Teresa Van de Castle- wins the 15″ x 7″ stack of fabrics!

To WIN a fat quarter pack from Clothworks brand new American Made Brand fabrics please leave a comment below telling me which fact about Nevada you found most interesting!

I will also send out a separate prize pack containing a large stack of 15″ x 7″ American Made Brand fabrics!

All you have to do is leave your comment and two winners will be chosen, one for each of the above prizes. You have until June 18th to leave your comment.   Contest has now ended, thank you!!

Please note, only folks living in the US may participate in the fabric giveaway-sorry!

Lic Plate 2


Thank you for stopping by!

Heather :)

























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  1. Michele says:

    lots of interesting tidbits, but the most interesting was the Halloween entrance into the Union. who knew?

  2. I once lived in Carson City, what seems like a lifetime ago – well, I guess it was – over 40 years now. Loved going to Virginia City on weekends and prowl around. Most interesting fact – the dinosaurs. If I ever knew about them, I’d long forgotten.

  3. I thought the ghosts was very interesting. Isn’t Virginia City where Ben, Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe would go into town to shop and bank?

  4. Good morning! Very interesting information about Nevada….Halloween should be a state holiday in every state! Love your post – great license plate as well! Hope to visit your state in the near future!

  5. I think the ghosts were the most interesting! And I am from Virginia, so Virginia city is pretty amusing. I think that dinosaur looks more surprised than scary – “I am a sea animal, why am I in a desert?”

  6. robinmcdesigns says:

    Took a driving tour around Lake Tahoe from Sacremento and then a wrong turn and ended up in Reno. It was a short but memorable stay in Nevada!

  7. Regina D. says:

    Loved reading all the fun facts about Nevada, very interesting! Love the picture of the Governor’s Mansion in orange. You’re license plate is very clever. Thanks for a great ‘tour’ of Nevada!

  8. Been to the Bucket of Blood and other places in VA City! Such an interesting town. Been to Tahoe many times and Carson City…NV is where the peeps from CA go to see interesting. I didn’t know you’d been inducted on Halloween! It’s my favorite “holiday”! What an interesting post.

  9. Julie B says:

    I found all the facts about glowing headstone, ghosts, and becoming a state on Halloween are interesting. The mystery of Area 51 and aliens. Great block.

  10. Good Morning Heather from the East coast (Virginia)….I so want to be in Silver Terrace Cemetery to see the glowing tombstone. Thanks for the opportunity to win some true American fabrics.
    Love your denim tutorials andpatterns…I’ve been stashing away those old jeans for some reason and now I found your site. YES!

  11. Good morning, I found everything you mentioned interesting about Nevada and was all new to me-I especially love the halloween festivities for statehood.
    I love denim so am glad to have found you and will be following you-I am really enjoying seeing everyone’s license plates

  12. Kathy h says:

    I found it very interesting to think that the dessert used to have an ocean over it.

  13. I had two grandsons born in Nevada and my son worked at area 51 when he was stationed at Nellis Air Force base. I Love Lake Tahoe and Mt Charleston. I went on the best shop hop in Las Vegas with a wonderful woman that picked my daughters and I up and dropped us off.

  14. I love the railroad on your block!!!

  15. MarthaB says:

    It was fun to learn about the ghost history of Nevada.

  16. Betty Woodlee says:

    Great job on your block. I found the glowing tombstone to be very interesting.

  17. The Halloween entrance into the union, lucky Nevada kids – it’s always a holiday!

  18. I just love that Halloween is a state holiday.

  19. I enjoyed your tour of Nevada. I found the Jacob Davis tidbit very interesting, and the association with Levi Strauss and his blue jeans, which no American is ever without! Thanks.

  20. I am a huge fan of Halloween so that was my favorite fact!

  21. Kellie from Indiana says:

    I find the haunted stuff very interesting. May be why my fave holiday is Halloween. Like your plate and your use of denim.

  22. Greetings from Florida. Nice job on your license plate. Most interesting fact for me is that Halloween is an official holiday in Nevada. I had no idea! Thanks for the giveaway.
    info {at} cocoplumbeachhouse {dot} com

  23. I didn’t know any of that!. You’re block is wonderful.

  24. Barb S. (Oregon) says:

    Fun Nevada facts, especially the date admitted to the Union, Oregon was admitted to the Union on Valentines day 1859.

  25. Well wow I did not know any of the facts you told us. Great deal having Halloween as a state holiday! You block is great.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Love the Halloween tidbit!

  27. Hello from Minnesota! I once took a roadtrip with a friend from MN through SD, NE, CO, UT to Nevada and then flew home. I couldn’t get over all the beautiful and very different landscape we passed through. I’d love to return and explore more.

  28. I like the fact about joining the union on Halloween. I love to visit Las Vegas for mini vacations.

  29. Claire Christiansen says:

    Glad to see you highlighted more interesting facts than Las Vegas. I like the rest of the state much better.

  30. Carol McIntosh says:

    I live in NV too but was not aware of the dinosaurs. Thought they were in Utah ;). Used to shop at Windy Moon quilt shop in your area when we live at Lake Tahoe. Love the block.

  31. Great tidbits on Nevada! I too am glad that Vegas wasn’t the focal point as that is not all that NV is. Thanks for the opportunity to win fabric!

  32. We are spookier than I knew here in Nevada! Funny though, this is the first home I have lived in where I have had no trick-or-treaters!
    Great post!

  33. Quilting Tangent says:

    Nice list of facts on Nevada.

  34. Wonderful post, cute block. Thanks for the instructions. Love the RR tracks and the denim!

  35. Diantha Howard says:

    Ocean-based dinosaurs! Wow! Cute block.

  36. Linda Middlemist says:

    The fact that Nevada became a state on Halloween and that it is a state holiday. i have been to
    Virginia City and enjoyed the tour.

  37. Julie in WA says:

    Glancing through the comments, I see that I am not the only one who finds it interesting that Nevada became a state on Halloween! I am not a fan of the holiday, so I am sure I would celebrate Nevada Day if I lived in your fascinating state! I think your license plate captures the essence of Nevada perfectly! Great job!

  38. Allison D says:

    Halloween, huh? Very interesting! I was just in Vegas last month :)

  39. I am a Old West history mini-buff and lived in Nevada for a bit.. I loved touring the old west ghost towns! But I didn’t know about the glowing head stone! Interesting! And I am glad you didn’t focus on gambling..there is SO MUCH MORE to Nevada that Las Vegas!

  40. Sarah M. says:

    Although an American History major at College, it never dawned on me until your post that Nevada became a state on Halloween. Where was my brain?

  41. I wish Halloween was a state holiday here! How fun!

  42. Halloween what a cool day to celebrate state hood! Liked that you focused on other interesting things about Nevada rather than Vegas. Neat block.

  43. I didn’t know that Nevada became a state on Halloween–that’s so interesting! OK, I have a tidbit for you. The town of Nevada City in California was originally named Nevada, but after the state used the name, they added the “City” because it was confusing.

    Have you been to the National Automobile Musuem in Reno? It’s a very interesting place! (And I’m not even into cars!)

  44. A state that is thought of as a desert used to be an ocean. That’s pretty fascinating!

  45. I love the extraterrestrial highway!

  46. I didn’t know that ichthyosaurs lived in Nevada and we could find their skeletons. May have to visit. Thank you for the interesting blog.

  47. i had no idea Nevada joined the union on halloween – how fun! i love that you went old west for your inspiration – looks great!

  48. Barb Johnson says:

    I liked the fact about icthyosaur skeletons in the mountains because it is just the opposite of where you’d expect to find them!

  49. Sue Bennett says:

    I love your facts on Neveda. I have been to your state three times. Great license plate.

  50. Love your post about Nevada! I’ve only been there once for a conference and that was in Las Vegas. I would love to visit the rest of the state – especially the points you mentioned!!


  51. I had no idea that Nevada joined the union on Halloween. How fun is that? I’ve visited many times and can always find something new to see. Great job on the block, Love how you used the denim in honor of Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis.

  52. I suppose the glowing headstone is amusing. However what I liked about Nevada is the variety of cactus. Amazing to me. Who knew there could be so many different ones.

  53. Linda Wujcik says:

    I loved learning that Nevada City was noted for its ghosts. I love Nevada and the desert.

  54. Dinosaurs, really? Thanks for sharing that tid-bit.

  55. My son was stationed at Nellis for 6 years. Visited NV many times, and very rarely on the strip or downtown! There is so much more to do and to have fun doing than just sitting in a smokey room giving away your money!!

  56. Thanks for the fun facts about Nevada! I love that Halloween is an official state holiday.

  57. What should I pick? Halloween, ghosts or aliens? It’s all interesting and news to me, so thank you for the informative post. Your block is a good representation of your state and looks great.

  58. I had no idea about the dinosaurs in Nevada. And I love how the mansion is decorated for Halloween!

  59. I think it is neat that Nevada became a state on Halloween. I bet you guys have some awesome parties. LOL Great license plate!

  60. I really like the fun facts for your state. The one I find most intriguing would be the glowing headstone. Thanks!
    dragonfly9716 at yahoo dot com

  61. I like the old west theme of your plate and all your interesting facts. Since I love denim, I find your fact about the rivets in Levi’s most interesting. Thanks!

  62. Great design, love how you went the historic route. I have family in NV and will need to visit Virginia City. I had no idea it was a ghost mecca! Now I have the theme song from “Bonanza” running through my head…

  63. Great license plate!

  64. Linda E in AZ says:

    I didn’t know I could get an “alien burger” in Nevada! Great fun, but I hope it’s good!

  65. Love all the ghost town facts.

  66. Thanks for the tour and I applaud you on staying away from Las Vegas, and Reno and giving some fun tidbits. I grew up in Oregon which is a neighboring state and I did not know about Halloween in Nevada. When I was a kid I used to love to visit Virginia City, but my favorite spot was Lehman Caves at Great Basin National Monument.

  67. Great plate. Thanks for the chance to win!

  68. Maryellen says:

    I love ghost town stories, but that glowing headstone is really interesting. So cool! Thanks for the fun tour.

  69. Debbie Weishaar says:

    I like all your fun little facts about Nevada but I like the one about Nevada becoming a state on Halloween and the fact that Halloween is a state holiday!

  70. Lisa Marie says:

    Area 51 and Extraterrestrials is very interesting. I grew up near Mars, PA and had my first checking account at Mars National Bank. That always raised some eyebrows!

  71. Lori Smanski says:

    your plate is wonderful. it really fits NV. I grew up in the Mojave desert and we would often go to NV. I love how you used the denim also. I really like the section about the ghosts. Some one will discover why the grave glows some day. could be from the rock on the headstone that was used. Hmmmmmm. Thanks for shairng

  72. Kat Scott says:

    Love the letters made out of Denim!! Will have to do some serious browsing around your blog!

  73. Tabitha Keener says:

    I’ve always liked the idea of extraterrestrial activity, so I would love to visit (or as close as possible) Area 51. Your block definitely fits the look of the old west! Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. Zosia Koehler says:

    I think that it is great that Halloween is a state Holiday! No such thing as too many holidays right?

  75. Mary Ellen says:

    I’d like to visit the historical areas, the old western towns and cemeteries. Thank you for the giveaway.

  76. Diann Cornell says:

    I thought the glowing tombstone was the most interesting.

  77. I love your little curvy train track! My grandson is really into trains so anything that is “train-ish” catches my eye. I may use your idea for applique on one of his quilts!

  78. I am learning so much from this blog hop. I liked the dinosaur facts the best.

  79. Karen Thurn says:

    I love trivia and found a lot of interesting facts here about your state. I found the info about the rivets really interesting and especially applaud you in how you incorporated denim into your quilt (double meaning from your name and from the trivia fact). Nice work! Yes, please enter me in the giveaway. I’d love to win some of this fabric as I’ve never seen it before.

  80. Nancy E says:

    I thought the meaning of the name of the state was interesting but that glowing headstone is a great mystery! I liked your block and think it represents the state well.

  81. Nebraska! Yet another state I haven’t visited ann MUST go to. Fortunately, I’m not scared of ghosts, so even after your description, I’ll still be able to enjoy my visit! I like your irreverence!

  82. Emilyplays in WA says:

    Love your railroad! Thanks for hosting!

  83. Cathy R says:

    Love your plate! I was in Las Vegas some years ago for a convention–we drove from New Mexico so we got to see some country. I wouldn’t mind living there.

  84. Hello from Montana, home of the beautiful Rocky Mountains!
    Like the tag you designed! Have not been to Nevada>must come for a visit!
    Thanks for sharing a very nice giveaway! Happy Summer!

  85. I love that Halloween is a state holiday!! I also love Las Vegas :) The skull on your block is very cool!!

  86. I did not know about the ghosts! And I love that Halloween is a state holiday!! Love your block! thank you!

  87. We are not alone… which is why the Alien part of your state intrigues me. I’ve only been to Vegas, but the stuff you highlighted seems more fun. Love your cow skull.

  88. Pat Evans says:

    I think the glowing headstone is the most interesting tidbit. Hey, maybe there’s a connection to Area 51. :)

  89. Kelly Wilson says:

    The railroad and the skull really do epitomize Nevada. I don’t think the Nevada tourism board would use the skull – it points out that their state can kill the unwary. : ) Although it does fit Halloween. Very nice block! Thanks for the opportunity. notwendy gmail

  90. lots of interesting tidbits, but the most interesting was the Halloween entrance into the Union. how appropriate(Halloween,ghosts) !…thank you for the giveaway…

  91. PT in SC says:

    I didn’t know ET had passed through your state. Love your block!

  92. dianna eickhorn says:

    I liked the part about the rivets for the jeans. Who know?

  93. Glenda Britten says:

    Great license plate! I’d like to try an Alien Burger and see the glowing headstone.

  94. It would be so much fun to live in a state where Halloween was an official holiday. Very cool!

  95. Vicki H says:

    Great block. I would love to have an alien burger.

  96. Debbie H says:

    I found the invention of Levis was fascinating. I love your block. Thanks!

  97. Donna W says:

    Nevada became a state on Halloween, how weird can that be? Kind of fits with all of the “ghosts” in your state.

  98. Sandy K says:

    I like the railroad on your license plate. Easy to remember your date of statehood with it being Halloween.

  99. the fact about Nevada becoming a state on Halloween. Love your plate.

  100. Stoney Monte says:

    Yup, the Halloween thing is a stand out fact. My first grandchild was born on Halloween at 11:19pm. Her mother’s birthday, in numbers, is 11/19. Spooky…
    Thanks for the giveaway and for hosting Nevada.

  101. I find the facts about the ghosts the most intriguing. Have have found the supernatural interesting….nice job with the license plate.. Thanks for sharing!

  102. Brenda Howard says:

    Hi I love your block, I think I like the old west desert is a great choice for your block. I think I like that part the best although Halloween birthday for the state is cool too.

  103. Allison Evrard says:

    I have always been fascinated with Area 51. Do you think it’s real?

  104. Paula Cox says:

    I love Halloween so the fact that Nevada joined the Union on Oct 31st and declared it a State holiday might just make Nevada my favorite state.

  105. Iowa here – love your block – I thought the fact Nevada became a state on Halloween was interesting – that is really a better way to celebrate the day

  106. Ocean-based dinosaurs — very interesting.

  107. Annmarie says:

    I found it interesting to see that the idea for rivets in jeans came from a Nevada dude. Fun! Nice block….

  108. Susan C says:

    With grandkids that are ” into” dinosaurs, I thought that was the most interesting fact about Nevada.

  109. Thunder says:

    Halloween and Levi jeans tie :) Love Halloween, and I have a son named Levi.

  110. allison pogany says:

    What cool Nevada facts! Love the license plate!

  111. Joyce Mitchell says:

    Pretty cool that Nevada Day & Halloween can be celebrated together. Thanks.

  112. Kathy Howard says:

    I found the dinosaurs the most interesting fact. Vermont was once an inland sea.

  113. Jennifer Stutheit says:

    How cool to become a state on Halloween! I’m guessing Nevada is the only state with such a fun day to join the union. Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  114. Margaret says:

    I thought the fact that there was once a warm ocean where Nevada is now was very interesting. That’s a sharp contrast to what Nevada is now.

  115. TeresaVan de Castle says:


  116. LOVE the use of denim! Thanks for the giveaway.

  117. Juliet H. says:

    I love the mysterious glowing headstone. Creepy but utterly fascinating. Thanks for the chance!

  118. The fun facts about ghosts was new to me and very interesting.

  119. Dana Cargill says:

    My favorite fact was that Halloween is a legal holiday in NV. I’ve always thought it should be a legal holiday because it was the day I came into the world!

  120. What a bunch of interesting fun facts of Nevada. Love your old west Nevada block.

  121. Love all your fun facts! I didn’t know about Halloween or the glowing tombstone. Hmm, my friend and I will have to check that out. I’ve been to Nevada several times and have always found interesting things there. Thanks for sharing the fun license plate.

  122. I love the ghost stories and Area 51 is always intriguing. Your license plate is fantastic!

  123. Your block is great and will look wonderful in the final quilt with all of our blocks. Thanks for all the fun facts about Nevada.

  124. Lisa Markham says:

    Joining the Union on Halloween just seems right for Nevada!

  125. I KNEW you were going to ask that!! Ghosts!!
    I love your block and your very interesting post!

  126. jean lickun says:

    Area 51 – I wish we had extraterrestrials in PA!

  127. kim schorer says:

    Love the fact that Nevada became part of the union on Halloween! I am enjoying this entire blog tour! Go USA!

  128. Cathy Remus says:

    I didn’t know that Nevada became a state on Halloween. What a great state holiday!

  129. What a fun post. Thanks for the tour.

  130. What a cute block! I have toured Nevada and make stops to Las Vegas =) at least once a year. Thanks for the giveaways.

  131. Thanks for the tour of Nevada. It is yet another place I need to explore.

  132. Kathleen says:

    Love your block and your “inventive” use of denim 😉
    Very neat work.

  133. Antonia Arnold says:

    I did not know any of the things you highlighted about NV. Many people think the postal abbreviation NE (Nebr.) is for Nev. I’ve been to Vegas but should explore the alien “alley.”

  134. Dorothy Schreyer says:

    Love the idea of a state being admitted to the union on Halloween being the most haunted state too! Poetic justice? But, I also think having the idea of the rivets for jeans is cool too!

  135. My favorite tidbit was that NV was admitted to the union on Halloween. That’s pretty cool.

  136. I had no idea that NV had all those ocean based dinosaurs! That’s really cool!

  137. Margaret Schindler says:

    Wow I didnt know any of this about Nevada. The glowing tombstone must be awesome to see.

  138. Marianne says:

    I’d say the fact of Nevada’s statehood on Halloween would be the most interesting as that’s the only one I didn’t know.

  139. Great block – had no idea about the Halloween date.

  140. Karen B says:

    thanks for sharing about your state! I have traveled trough Nevada, and drove down the extraterrestrial highway. Nevada is beautiful and I will always have beautiful memories of Nevada. I didn’t know it was founded on Halloween! Somehow, it seems to fit!

  141. Peggy Gibbs says:

    I love the west – we didn’t make it to Nevada on our trip out west a couple of years ago, but would love to visit.

  142. Elizabeth McDonald (catskill quilter) says:

    I love the fact that Nevada became a state on Halloween! It must make for some interesting and heartfelt celebrations!

  143. Of all the things people think they know about Nevada, the dinosaurs never get mentioned! I know here in Utah, that we have lots of dinosaur beds and a dinosaur national monument/park. But that’s cool that Nevada has some, too!

  144. I didn’t realize there were a lot of dinosaurs in Nevada. I like the train tracks on your block!

  145. The ghosts perked my interest the most, kind of goes along with your statehood day on Halloween.

  146. Lorri Brager says:

    Lots of great facts….I think the one I liked best was the one about the dinosaurs ! Like you license plate !

  147. Peg Roen says:

    That is a great block! Nice job! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  148. Nicole Sender says:

    Neat license plate! I like the Nevada fact that Virginia City, NV is one of America’s most haunted towns!

  149. Thanks for participating and sharing your work. I love all the fun facts you shared as well!

  150. I liked the fact about Nevada and Halloween. Thanks.

  151. Love the fact about the ichthyosaurs!

  152. Cynthia Knapp says:

    The fact I found most interesting is that Nevada became a state on Halloween! Very cool.

  153. Allison C says:

    As a marine microbiologist I found the marine reptile fossils interesting. They look pretty cool too.

  154. Geni Pickens says:

    The Halloween info was interesting!! Love your block.

  155. Lauren aka Giddy99 says:

    I love Nevada! I think the tombstone fact is pretty interesting, because I’ve not heard that one before! Great block, too. :)

  156. The dinosaurs. And maybe the ghosts.

  157. The ghosts fact I find most interesting. I knew about the ET’s and the Halloween date. I have been to NV several times.

    I love your license plate design.

  158. Loved the photo of the Governor’s House lit up in orange for the state holiday. What fun. And what an appropriate design for your license plate.

  159. Candice says:

    Heather, exclude me from your giveaway. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for participating in our blog tour. Your Nevada license plate is perfect! LOVE all the fun state facts, too! I’m learning so much on this tour!

  160. Amanda T says:

    I liked the facts about the ghost town!

  161. Barbie Kanta says:

    I loved in Fallon (NAS) for a few years and don’t remember ever knowing about the Halloween connection! Luv the plate! TIA! B-)

  162. I’ve only been to Nevada once, was born and raised in NY and have lived in FL for over 40 years. Great license plate!

  163. Thanks so much everyone!!! I am REALLY enjoying reading all of the comments!
    Heather :)

  164. Debbie Smith says:

    Love your shared info on Nevada? It’s a wonderful state been visiting it since I was young, over 50 now. Thanks for a pattern and give away.

  165. Joan Park says:

    Enjoyed your blog and liked your choices for the plate– very informative and while we’ve been in Nevada– see now there’s more to explore– glad you didn’t just go for the obvious of LAS VEGAS.. much more to your wonderful state than that area… thank you.

  166. Jeanine Waal says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to win. Enjoyed reading about your state.

  167. Kathy Howard says:

    Thank you! I’m excited to win a bundle. This is my second! I make baby quilts for our church; the solids should be a good addition.

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