Oh, no I did-n’t! Making Pineapple blocks using DENIM!



Pineapple blocks are not new. They’ve been a part of the quilter’s repertoire for a long time.  Scrappy pineapple blocks are a favorite of mine and I decided a scrappy-DENIM pineapple block would be a lot of fun!!
Often times pineapple blocks are paper pieced but I made mine using a specialty ruler called the “Pineapple Tool” by Gyleen Fitzgerald  (see photo below).

No paper piecing for me!



Pineapple 1

Here’s how the basic process went. I alternated each “round” with scrappy cotton fabrics and new denim.










I’m sure you’re getting the idea now. One round of denim strips and trim around the edges. Then one round of scrappy cotton strips and trim, then back to the denim.
I used all new denim cut straight off the bolt. I used a lightweight 7 oz. denim. I did not use a heavyweight jeans denim. These pieces were pretty small and a lightweight denim was easier to work and by that I mean easier to fold and press without distorting the block.

Two rounds of scrappy cottons


Two rounds of denim


At this point the block is almost done and we add TWO scrappy strips onto the corners. These are the last two strips. The ruler is then used to square up the block to 8 1/2″.
(*If by chance you’ve done this technique before, I use two strips in the corner versus the three demonstrated in the book.)



Here’s the finished block in all it’s glory.


I also made one that was the reverse of the one above. I started with a denim square in the center and alternated scrappy and denim strips as before. This made two very different blocks. I liked the way they both turned out.


At the end, I gave them both denim borders. Ah…I like this. I find the blue to be very soothing.


What did I DO with the blocks? Stay tuned to find out (in the next blog post)…

Finding fun things to do with denim. That’s what I do!







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  1. These look great! My favorite is the reverse pineapple one; I like how it showcases the prints.

    • Hi Kathleen,
      I’m on the same page! I liked the reverse one too. I think the dark fabric makes everything pop! :)

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