Fabric from Plastic Bottles

I love fabric. Fabric is instrumental to sewing and I love sewing! But I also care about the environment and what we can do to make it better.

I recently ran across a company doing something to improve our environment in a unique way and it directly involves FABRIC. If you’re reading this you probably really like fabric too so this may interest you!

Thread Intl


The name of this company is Thread International.
Notice their tagline: Responsible fabric from Ground to Good.



What does that mean exactly?

Well, for one thing they are taking things from the ground (plastic bottles/trash) and making it good again!
Imagine, making FABRIC from plastic bottles!

And why is this good?? You probably don’t need me to tell you but… see photo below.
As a race of people, we’re not terribly GREAT about picking up after ourselves. I know that as individuals many of us are conscientious but we could definitely stand to improve as a world.

Photo Credit: http://inhabitat.com/new-report-says-plastic-trash-to-exceed-fish-in-the-sea-by-2050/


USA Today

This picture is incredible and says it all!

It was posted along with a headline from USA Today reading:
“By 2050, our oceans are expected to hold more plastic than fish.”

This is the actual article in case you are interested!

So, what exactly are they doing at Thread??

The founder had a purpose. He wanted to tackle the problems of poverty and trash in third world counties and he decided to start with Haiti.

The process begins in some of the poorest neighborhoods. Residents are paid to collect the plastic bottles currently clogging up their streets and canals.

Many local people are employed in this process and at the same time trash is collected and removed from the streets.
Once the bottles have been processed the plastic is sent to the U.S. where it is turned into fabric.

Plastic bottles to Fabric. AMAZING!

Plastic Bottle Gray Fabric So, what does the fabric look like?

It comes in a variety of colors and fiber content. Here is an example of 100% polyester woven fabric made from plastic bottles!

Photo Credit: http://www.threadinternational.com/fabric-library/

I happened to notice that they also make denim. As you can imagine, I was intrigued. I think this would be a GREAT product for us here at Inventive Denim.


Full Disclosure: I do not know anyone from Thread. I just think what they are doing is AMAZING! We need to be responsible custodians of this planet and we need to take care of each other. I love that they are doing that!



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  2. Where can I purchase some of this fabric? I love using the green batting, but this is the first I’ve heard of bottles being made into fabric and thread. Fantastic! Leave it to Yankee ingenuity!

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