New Pattern- Dizzy Denim

It’s always exciting when a new pattern comes out. This particular one is a take on the three dimensional pinwheel.

I used a plethora of different colored jeans so I could get a variety of blues for the background and then bought a set of fat quarters to coordinate.

Bingo! I love the look!!

DD Pic 4

I just love the modern solids and prints from the fat quarter pack. Just goes to show that you really can pair just about anything with denim as long as you have enough color contrast.

It’s not really about the color itself. It’s about being able to see the colors.

I made a second version in the wall hanging size.


In this case, the prints are busy, but again, they provide contrast against the denim so there is visually pop.


That being said, I’m a firm believer that if YOU like the colors and you’re happy with the results- that is absolutely all that matters!

DD Pic 3

first page of pattern in color

 There are 5 quilt sizes included with this pattern:

Wall Hanging, Lap, Twin, Double and Queen.

My early patterns used to include a King size as well but they just get so heavy once they get that big!

If you order a paper version (versus a PDF), the first two pages are printed in color.

And (obviously) if you buy the PDF, they will print in color as well.


top of second page

There are 8 pages in this pattern and as is typical with all of my patterns there are lots of diagrams.

I don’t want people struggling and guessing about what they need to do next. I work very hard to create diagrams that thoroughly demonstrate each step in addition to describing what to do next.

This is one of the reasons it takes me so long to write my patterns. I invest so much time into drawing diagrams for each step.


DD Pic 1

As mentioned above, this is a three dimensional pinwheel pattern.

I just love this technique!

It’s not difficult, however, I recommend using (and I used) a mallet or hammer  to flatten out the center seam.

This was actually very simple and other than scaring the bajeezus out of my dogs whenever I wacked a seam with the mallet, it was easy as pie.

It’s amazing how thin a denim seam becomes out after a couple of whacks!

DD pic 2

You can probably see in the photos that these quilts were longarmed.

Although I know some people shy away from longarming denim quilts, my longarmer is fantastic and never seems to have a problem.

Check out her website and see some of the beautiful work she does!

I’m honored to have her do my quilts!!


stack of covers

If you have any questions or comments please let me know.

I no longer maintain a store at this website but all of my patterns can be found for sale at either my Etsy or Craftsy sites.





As always, it’s a pleasure to chat with you!!



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  1. This looks great! Love the scrappy binding too.

  2. I love this. You’ve created another very cute pattern.

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