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InvenInventive Denimtive Denim is a pattern design company specializing in recycled denim jeans. We’ll show you how to turn your old jeans into projects full of memories!

If you’ve got stacks of old jeans and you like to sew, this is the place for you!

At Inventive Denim we like to sew with jeans but we also have fun with new denim off the bolt just to mix things up a bit.  If it’s about denim…its fair game!

As quilters, we love to use the newest fabrics out there but don’t let that stop you if you’re a scrap quilter, there’s not much that doesn’t pair perfectly with denim! Truth be told…we love scraps too!

Heather Banks

Heather Banks

My name is Heather Banks and I established Inventive Denim as a place to develop quilting and sewing patterns from old jeans.

As I released my designs and met people at shows I was inspired by the number of people who were storing old jeans for the perfect sewing project.

I love to see what people make from my patterns! If you would like to share a project, please contact me at: heather@inventivedenim.com.

By the way, follow me on Pinterest; I’ve got lots of denim (and quilting boards)!


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